sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Sarah and Bendrix

I love Sarah and Bendrix Etsy Shop here. They have perfect gifts for Valentine's Day!

Me encanta la tienda de Sara and Bendrix en Etsy aquí. Es perfecta para comprar un regalo para San Valentín.

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Couture Carrie dijo...

So sweet!

Great to hear from you, darling Dana ~ hope all is well!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely dijo...

I love it, very sweet but not too sweet :) ill check them out asap. x

Rebecca Corvese dijo...

Oh, I love these. I'm going to pop on over to Etsy and check out their stuff. I was looking for some great ideas for Valentines Day. You may have given me the inspiration that I needed! Thanks!

Schöne Frau dijo...

Pero que bonito corazones, muy...creativos, o sea, llevan a la realidad manual, lo que se ha venido dibujando y haciendo en computadora. Bieeen!